and so the discourse develops…

The trend continues:
August 26, 2006: Europe Pledges a Larger Force Inside Lebanon
[The NYTimes posts – again – a link to Maira Kalman’s blog art: Heaven on Earth.]
Another bloglink, Line of Fire: A conversation about the new Mideast conflict, describes the current Israeli “inquiry time, the season in the Israeli calendar that comes after disappointing wars, as inevitable as the headaches and bruises and questions after a bar-room brawl in which everything seemed so necessary and inevitable while it was happening and so jagged in memory.”
Meanwhile, Iran steps up nuclear production, the Palestinians strengthen their national government, Nasrullah continues to be heroicized. Fundamentalist Islam is radically strengthened throughout the political sphere of the Arab world. I ask my friends, “Where in your discourse have you built a foundation to blunt the gathering forces of repression and (dare I say it?) internalized, stratified oppression?”
It is good that Arab forces have established equity in international debates. It is as questionable what they will do with this power as any other world power, namely Israel and the US. Who will dissent from the inside? Who will be the anti-Islamists from within to join with the anti-Zionists Jed championed? (The Economist, btw, described those giving themselves this label as fringe groups, extremist in their own way. [reference the edition two weeks ago])
Meanwhile, can artists open dialogues that politicians cannot? “The [cartoon] exhibition is intended to expose what some here see as Western hypocrisy for invoking freedom of expression regarding the publication of cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad while condemning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran for questioning the Holocaust.”
Some friends and I discussed the cartoons published in Denmark last winter. Will the discourse about the “Holocaust International Cartoon Contest” (“Holocust”?) become another tit-for-tat reinforcer of static national and religious identities or can it function to open spaces for the genuine appreciation of different perspectives?
August 24, 2006: Gaza Captors of 2 Newsmen Pressure U.S.
August 21, 2004: Europeans Delay Decision on Role Inside Lebanon. I attend a protest in Istanbul.
August 20, 2006: Truce Strained as Israelis Raid Lebanon Site
August 17, 2006: I attend a Barenboim-Said concert that invokes much thought on the snippit of discourse that unfolded through initial responses to each other on the subject of Israel-Lebanon-Hizbullah.
August 13, 2006: I struggle within myself not to respond in kind to a discourse limiting what one can know based upon who one is. Puru posts a newslink.
August 11, 2006: I reflect theoretically on identity, home, and voice.
August 10, 2006: The post, Lebanon is responded to by Tejal and Jed.
August 7, 2006: The post, Diving in Headfirst is responded to by Amanda.
August 6, 2006: Berger on Philosophy” is a snapshot of my philosophical frame for discussing Mideast (and any other) politics.
August 2, 2006: Day 21 (Israel vs Hezbollah) is responded to by Jeff and Yasser.

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