Agwa and Company

We made friends almost immediately.

fast friends.JPG.jpg

We located a hotel, met relatives of the owner, and landed ourselves on a boat. We pull out of the protected river area,
leaving Agwa.JPG.jpg
and next thing you know, we’re cruising the coastline.
coastline 2.JPG.jpg
It changes constantly. After some twenty minutes of loud music, a short spurt of off-balance dancing, and hollered conversation, we arrive at an inlet.

Selin and I talk, while Irem tested the water with her toe. Ozcan lost no time diving in; can you tell which one is him racing back to the boat?
swim race.JPG.jpg
These craggy nooks reminded folks of Cappadocia – no, I didn’t go there (yet). Maybe on the next trip. ­čÖé Returning, pictures were taken all around, of the women:
arabic teacher.JPG.jpg

mom and daughters.JPG.jpg
and the (self-segrated?) men:

We parted ways at sunset.
sunset 2.JPG.jpg

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