World Cup final

There was some passion at Delano’s today, but not much. I had some sympathy for Zidane but it went out the window when he headbutted the Italian player. I don’t care what the provocation. I was happy Italy won. Mostly, though, I was glad to see Sai (great burrito, man), Satya (in full regalia), Neil (more-or-less) . . . and Chris and Jung Yup and Srini and Alex and Dhaka . . . and others less familiar but still friendly.
It was probably my last social respite until comps are done.
A few quickies though: Friday, July 7th, Writer’s Almanac included the poem, Female Comic Book Superheroes. Fun to listen to.
and tonight, less fun…a broadcast about Iran. I heard it on WMUA but can’t track the details. Darn. Is it possible it was Seymour Hersh? Here’s an old article he wrote about Iran, just after Bush’s apparent reelection. (There was evidence of voting fraud – particularly in Ohio – but it was severely underreported.) Here’s a more recent Hersh story: Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb? (It might be one I blogged before, seems familiar.)
Whoever I heard today felt that whatever messianic ambitions Bush has, he’ll wait until after the November elections.

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