“tie a knot and move it forward…”

I said farewell to the Townhouse bachelor-pad today. These guys were great to and for me. They included me almost as if I’d always been there, allowed me my own room, tolerated my bike in the middle of the living room, fed me, introduced me to their friends…and gave me lots of space/time to study.
I gotta say something about Neil with the Mind of Steel. I think I know why Mei Mei huddled under the comforter every time he was in the house. You can’t get nothing past this guy!
A week or so ago, he noticed I had not included his name in a certain description of a conversation he and I had, and wanted me to know it was ok for me to name him. He thought perhaps I hadn’t included his name because I was worried he might be upset. Not to worry, he assured me.
My immediate response was …uh… a little squirmy. I said I wanted to make the conversation appear broader than it really was? But I knew that wasn’t quite right &emdash; there was a deeper source. Ah, I was worried. I didn’t know how to identify him without including more details, and I didn’t want to appear to be bragging about having convinced him of something. I guess perhaps there was a worry (?) that he might feel bad about having been convinced? Worse, convinced by Me.
I made a bunch of tactical errors regarding confidentiality and respect etc. in the early days of the blog (which constitutes the first couple of years’ worth). I think my criteria and representations have improved considerably but I know it’s not perfect. Occasionally I get hints and whiffs of someone’s displeasure or annoyance, and I am still usually puzzled as to why but continue to expand my own perception of the range of reasons. At any rate, it is a distinct pleasure to engage with someone so sensitive to nuance and so proactive in following up on it. Might even miss that guy. :-/
At any rate, I told Neil that giving me such blanket permission was rather daring, “You’re in trouble now!” He laughed, “There are things about myself that I don’t know.” Yes, me too, I thought. What better way to find out?
The quote up top was shared by Basha, who hosted the most fantastic meal and night of live music I’ve ever attended. (Not ever having been much of a music-head.) I was invited along spontaneously, knowing no one but my roommates. That night was a taste of living I haven’t felt in a long time. Been having lots of those experiences lately.
It’s good. 🙂

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