subtle, isn’t it? :-)

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In case you’re wondering, it hurt like hell!
Punkmonkey did a great job, especially as I wriggled and moaned and generally tried to get as far away from “the machine” as possible. He and the other staffer present tried to assure me afterwards that “the back is very sensitive.” I was convinced this was simply code for, “Steph is a wimp!” They assured me this wasn’t the case. Then Punkmonkey mentioned that the last time he had a tattoo on his back he actually fell asleep. Uh huh.
Of course, it might not have been wise to have a massage only a few hours before the tattoo. I realized, after half-an-hour of clenching every muscle in my body and feeling my neck on the verge of spasms, that I had most likely un-done every benefit received. The masseuse added her own comment, when she admired the tattoo a week later, about increasing all the blood circulation and wakening up all those nerve endings…well. I’ve always been one to plunge.
The Gardenfaire and Ron definitely enjoyed teasing me about my failure to read the directions about post-tattoo care. It went fine, although my reliance on the verbal instructions did reduce some flexibility around its care that would have been good to know. Oh well. Ron pointed out that it was a good lesson right before comps: Don’t forget to read the question!
Finally, a caution. What you don’t know about tattoos can bite you! “They’re powerful,” says the intuitive acupuncturist, helping me put into perspective an unexpected reprise of the emotions I intended the tattoo to signify as over. Of course, some things will never be “over” – they’ll continue to find new ways to morph into presence. I just keep hoping I’ve done everything I can to honor and heal this particular batch so that they do not jump up and cause any more unwanted effects.
But hey. The tattoo itself has received nothing but compliments.

Way to go, Punkmonkey!

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  1. heyy steph! i am sorry couldnt call u today before u took off 🙁 Have a great trip, and a very safe one. Take care and i will see u soon. Keep blogging….

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