some respite

I slept for 12 hours. Which was a good thing because I woke up to the home of a biophysicist. I made myself a nice breakfast and cup of tea, choosing the cup that most resembled how I felt. 🙂 Actually, it is a relief to break the hectic pace of the past week. No regrets, but I really don’t live my life so frenetically most of the time.
Yesterday I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Catherine and the Dragon before they returned home, then Spark and I played tourist at the Arkeoloji Museum, and then Pera. I’ll devote a post to each of these later, replete with photos. I ate some more kokoreq &emdash; fried this time, which is The Best! &emdash; and tried the rice-stuffed clams. They were not so delicious, too much cinnamon and otherwise overcooked. Oh well. I’m sure there is variation. The waiter remembered I like Efes Dark, which was fun. We also tried Turkish ice cream, which has its own unique texture and included a show. The ice cream man made both of us look foolish but it was definitely worth the laugh. 🙂
Then it was time for live music. Our first stop, the Munzur, was the best. Later we heard some young guys improvising between traditional Turkish and modern electronic sounds &emdash; not bad, actually, and the third venue was cheesy as all get out (although the squat toilet was rather luxurious compared to others I’ve encountered).
I had entertained hope to attend the free show at Babylon tonight &emdash; it’s a hot music place that’s been closed for awhile for renovations or some such. But, inertia is going to keep my behind planted. Perhaps I’ll catch another show there later, since hope for Iran is fading. I heard a story of some filmmakers who tried to get in (also under short notice) and failed. Would my luck have been better if I had applied on my own through the Pakistani Embassy in the US? Who knows, but the timing would still have been very very tight. Clearly, the claim that one’s request could be expedited by a mediator within Iran is also subject to many variations. If I had loads of capital to invest, wanna bet I’d already have been approved? sigh.

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