No trip to Iran :-(

They won’t let me come. I am weighing a last attempt, an in-person visit to the Iranian Embassy in Ankara. It may be futile. They say (the Iranian Foreign Ministry – which must authorize visits prior to the granting of visas) that we didn’t ask early enough. I’m sure they want time to check on people’s backgrounds etc, and no doubt I’m more suspect because a) I’m American, and b) I want to go now, at this potentially volatile time. I’m afraid that I won’t get another chance to go, not even in my whole lifetime, not if war breaks for real. :-/
Yesterday’s NYTimes is the grimmest yet, with it’s account (Iran Hangs in Suspence…) of the tensions in Tehran and their view of the Isreal-Hezbullah battle as a first step in a military incursion toward Iran. Last week’s Economist (July 22) described it as “The accidental war” in their “Leaders” section that will be hard to end. Wouldn’t this be a good time for conscious evolution, an opportunity to put collective intelligence to work? Sociobiology might yet be too strong.
The tragedies of this escalation range from the most intimate – the death of children at Qana – to the general social structure of cultural life that North Americans continue to take for granted. When will we face the truth that our leisure is directly related to others’ suffering?
I think the attacks should end – but not just from Israel. It is too easy to simply blame them by ignoring the constant – and active – threats surrounding and picking at them day-in and day-out. It is not acceptable to excuse any form of violence. Only rationalizations – intellectual and ideological twists of thinking – can justify the violence of either side. The solution must involve all sides and commit all players.

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