Marriage – like Trix – is for kids

A witty rejoinder from Dan Savage about the recent Supreme Court ruling against same-sex marriage in Washington state:
“In New York, the court ruled in effect that irresponsible heterosexuals often have children by accident &emdash; we gay couples, in contrast, cannot get drunk and adopt in one night &emdash; so the state can reserve marriage rights for heterosexuals in order to coerce them into taking care of their offspring. Without the promise of gift registries and rehearsal dinners, it seems, many more newborns in New York would be found in trash cans.”
Same-Sex Marriage Wins by Losing

One thought on “Marriage – like Trix – is for kids”

  1. I had some second thoughts about posting this. It is such a small thing in comparison with the life-death of brutal war. Yet it also does matter. And the author made me smile. 🙂
    It seems incongruous, though, a light entry amidst the heavy-duty academic and political ones. The carnage in Qana is disturbing – that has definitely affected my mood.
    I’m also reminded of a debate occuring within the Intercultural Communication Association about whether or not to hold a conference in Singapore because of their repressive anti-gay laws. I was offended that americans would seek to impose political actions suitable for our country onto another. I don’t agree with the laws, but simplistic assumptions that what “works” as protest in the US will work equally well elsewhere are flawed.

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