(Please forgive the generalizing “we” &emdash; I comment upon observable discursive patterns.)
Despite knowing that meaning is fluid, local, and transitory we still want to fix it. What is cosmopolitanism? Does “it” come from cosmopolitanness, or is it a kind, say, of cosmo-politeness (offered by Tom yesterday)? Such a longing for normal science!
What is “European identity”? What does it mean to be “European” or “cosmopolitan”? The phallic order ”just is”. Bullshit!
The Poet had it right, I think, when she spoke so eloquently of the younger generation whose subjectivities are already constituted on less nationalistic characteristics. “I would rather my daughter grow up considering herself European from Greece, with heritage from Anatolia.”
Perhaps this is the point Ferhat worked toward in his presentation? That the nation-as-center is being shifted in/through the ways that citizens and noncitizens utilize dominant (nation-based) discourses in the service of their own quests for subjective grounding?
“You have to subvert the grammar,” Bülent told Veysel, regarding an example Veysel shared of someone (?) saying, “I is (such-and-so)” instead of Bülent’s “I am a negro,” citing the phrase he uttered in German.
Was it Andreas who said I needed to be familiar with linguistics to study interpretation at the European Parliament? I resist, I resist! But it gives me the clue to the temporalizing element in Bülent’s speech (perhaps he is less so in his writing). Bülent acknowledges that the time of the penis is past &emdash; I am not convinced the substitution of “phallus” is anything more than semantics &emdash; yet he speaks as if it is still the only possible frame of reference.
It is one thing to discipline oneself to the limits of a theorist (Mervi and Johanna did this with Durkheim) or an epistemology (Chatterjee and Ang’s assertion that cultural studies scholars need to stick to established authorizing boundaries), and another to represent an epistemology as an ideology by presenting it discursively as a framework everyone else must exist within just because it makes sense to you.
In other words, Bülent wants to impose his “outside” on my “inside.” Isn’t this the classic patriarchal move? You say: “The structure (sensations/perception) of my dick supercede the structure (sensations/perception) of your womb.”

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