Depeche Mode

Gizem worked hard to get us tickets. I helped.
It was great. 🙂 They played 20-30 songs, almost all of which I recognized (!), all of which were imminently danceable, except one of the encore numbers, “Leave in Silence.” I haven’t been to such a mass ritual in more years than I can recall. Seriously, I was trying to remember the last large popular music concert I attended – U2, I think. Before that was Michael Jackson (a last minute sub for tickets my dad had). The first one ever? Bob Seger. There was also KISS (that was a great show), and some others, but we’re talking 15-20 years ago. but hey, who’s counting?!
No pix – cameras were banned. 🙁 The stadium, Kurecesme Arena is cool – set right on the shore of the Bosphorus, nestled up against a hill, cool breezes blew in off the water at irregular intervals but often enough. The bright wealthy folk just cruised on up in their fancy boats; some folks were brought in by ferry.
A special treat was the bonus show on the ride home with Mr. Jet-Set Comedian himself, Baris (I think it’s properly spelled with a whoolamajig at the bottom of the “s” but my symbol panel doesn’t include that option – sounds like “sh”). He was busy recounting his world travels and assessing the likelihood of becoming an oil baron. 😉 I’ll put money on him!

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