Comps (retrospective)

It will be hell. (But if you have a good post-party (or two) – as I did, grin – then it’s worth it.) (What I learned last night? Maintain ironic distance.) 😉
They probably won’t try to make so, but something will get screwed up, outside of anyone’s control (unless you’ve really annoyed someone; then they might (?) take advantage of this already high-stress opportunity to see if they can stimulate an implosion).
First, three days before I was to begin, was the email stating that two of my (already scheduled!) dates were now “unavailable.” Ha.
(It was resolved – some 36 hours later.)
Then, at the end of Day 3, I was told Questions 5 and 4 were being switched. (It obviously didn’t matter to them that I had carefully arranged a day OFF in-between Questions 4 & 5 in order to study for Question 5. Ha Ha.
This just happened to be on the same day I found that I’d dumped an entire bottle of OPEN shampoo into a duffle bag. If you ever check out a particularly soapy book from the library… that would be me.
Here’s a link I found just prior to the Last Question which is a perfect example of something it would have been nice to have known about roughly a year ago: Discourse Theory. Ha Ha Ha!

2 thoughts on “Comps (retrospective)”

  1. Whats up, dude??
    Your picture looks neat. I am in India and having a blast. Have been thinking about you and thought I should drop in a line. Hope you are well and happy. Let me what is going ila

  2. Ila, I’ve been wondering about you too but knew you were in India having a blast. 🙂 There’s a small chance I’ll wind up in Bombay later this summer – I don’t know if that’s your area?

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