Comps (Question 6: “speciality area”)

“Instead of trying to erase the traces of power and exclusion, democratic politics requires us to bring them to the fore, to make them visible so that they can enter the terrain of contestation” (Mouffe 2000: 33-34).
Ziarek has “suggested that such a [redefined political] discourse, based on the dissemination and mediation of differences, should be articulated in the gap between the ethos of becoming and the ethos of alterity, between the futureal temporality of political praxis and the anarchic diachrony of obligation” (Ziarek, 2001: 83).
“…in the case of liberal-democratic politics this frontier [of a ‘them’] is an internal one, and the ‘them’ is not a permanent outsider . . . without a plurality of competing forces which attempt to define the common good, and aim at fixing the identity of the community [even though such can never be accomplished as a final achievement], the political articulation of the demos could not take place” (Mouffe 2000: 56 ).

2 thoughts on “Comps (Question 6: “speciality area”)”

  1. It’s over! Today’s Friday, so comps are DONE! Yippee and congratulations for pulling it off, Steph! So much accomplished in such a short time! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Turkey and Iran more thoroughly with this “task” behind you! Your daily synopses give a clear indication that your answers will thrill the board! Now, freedom to concentrate on the trip (and the presentations). Stay in touch when you can. Enjoy – and be safe! Chris

  2. I won’t hold my breath, Chris, for the committee’s responses – I do hope they’re satisfied: I probably won’t find out until fall and the oral defense. THEN I’ll feel truly DONE! Thanks for the cheers. 🙂
    But you’re right, now it’s on to preparations for leaving. Iran, btw, is still up-in-the-air. I’m getting discouraged. 🙁 But everything for Istanbul is falling into place, yeah! 🙂

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