“You do look relaxed and peaceful,” Lorna told me while cutting my hair today. She refrained from mentioning what a change this is from usual! 🙂
Kathy asked me if I was “relieved” when I gave her the last question yesterday. No, not yet – I was already on to all the other things needing to be done prior to departure… too wound up? I’d also lost steam in the final half-hour and really struggled to come up with some semblance of a conclusion.
It helped the most that Tejal feasted me, Smita beat me at bombardment, and we all shared lots of laughs and silliness. Puru snapped some photos. Fugu honored me – on only our second meeting! – with her nickname. (I’m sure she realized there was minimal chance I would learn to say her proper name correctly. Neil and Satya arrived in time for food. Estelle carried herself with aplomb. I could not have had a better evening to celebrate being done. 🙂
The rest of today was also sweet! The universe smiles on me. Yippee!

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