At the Gardenfaire’s

I woke up early and wandered outside. I immediately encountered a fat ol’ bumblebee bumbling around a flower. 🙂 (Is that me, getting ready for comps?!)
I finished reading Gr….’s introduction to Althusser. Ate by the gurgling water garden. (Oh how I want to make one!) Three fat frogs refused to move, hunting their own breakfasts.
Rode my bike. Finished the blog about Sam. It needed time to gestate. I remember us on the boat Sunday, leaning into the headwind, straining to catch our last deep breaths of Sam, here, in this world with us. As if seeking to suck in his spirit to carry us along the tradewinds of our own futures. From now on, our memories of him will be private, although no doubt friends, family, and loved ones of all stripes will still gather in his name.

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