“The Game is ON!”

Jung Yup hosted a World Cup event for the Asian-Pacific forces yesterday. It was too bad Australia lost, but the Korea-France match was tense! France had the first ten minutes, then 70 minutes ensued of close calls and tension and growing concern until Korea took the last ten minutes for a 1-1 draw. Very exciting. 🙂 They didn’t quite live up to the banner, “We Go Beyond!” but who knows…they’re already gone beyond where some folks expected them to be. FYI – Univision’s in-between game coverage (in Spanish) was much more entertaining than ABC’s.
I’ve been resisting watching because I MUST keep FOCUSED on comps. So far so good. Bumped into Gita and Pei at Rao’s; one of them was crushed to learn she’d been associated with the losers who celebrated my birthday with me this year. Oh dear. (At least she’s not one of Nietzche’s frogs.) Then Puru and Tejal came by; he practically dared me to give him a hard time on the blog! He insists his moves away from the women (which began the gender division were motivated only by a desire for food but I’m not sure I’m convinced….
Meanwhile…Nietzsche (online text provided by Ian Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC.) I’m reading the Dover Edition, 2003, “an unabridged translation of a standard edition of the 1913 translation by Horace B. Samuel.”
“…I am told it is simply a case of old frigid and tedious frogs rawling and hopping around men and inside men, as if they were as thoroughly at home there, as they would be in a swamp” (originally published 1913, p. 10).
I don’t think I would particularly enjoy having Nietzsche pissed off at me. He is referring to “English psychologists” and speculating as to their motives for “pushing to the front the [shameful part] of our inner world, and looking for the efficient, governing, and decisive principle in that precise quarter where the intellectual self-respect of the race would be the most reluctant to find it…” (p. 9). He continues that he doesn’t wish to believe in their frogdom, rather that they are, “at bottom, brave, proud and magnanimous animals who know how to bridle both their hearts and their smarts, and have specifically trained themselves to sacrifice what is desirable to what is true, any truth in fact, even the simple, bitter, ugly, repulsive, unchristian, and immortal truths – for there are truths of that description” (p. 10).
Don may (?) be encountering one of those truths this evening… :-0

2 thoughts on ““The Game is ON!””

  1. I think the in-game coverage of ABC for the world Cup is also bad. Their commentary is so off the game at times, you wonder which sport they are talking about—but can’t complain much, they are the ones telecasting the games! The concidental gender division was all about food and a mildly hilarious argument on Indian hairstyle and its connection with consmerism, capitlism and social activism 🙂

  2. Puru, if you’re connecting hairstyles with social activism you must know that I wipe you all off the map.
    I forgot the strangest/creepiest thing about the World Cup game and Korea. They historically had about a half-million people crowding into the main square in Seoul to watch the game on big screens…this year, the city SOLD the square (temporarily) to a telecommunications company which ordered the masses into a nice, docile, well-behaved audience. Kinda sad, huh? But the city made a bundle…

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