I’m gonna need some help on a few details, please? What’s the Turkish word for the type of dream in which a dark lump settles down on your chest, preventing movement?
And what was the name of that most fantabulous mini-Australian dessert? Can a non-chef make them?
The luminaria ushered me in, as part of the second wave of guests to a combo-birthday, defense, summer solstice celebration.
Highlights abound (noteless, we’ll see what I recall).
The defense queen greeted me, aglow herself with success. I think she raked in a bundle too (although there was a slight question regarding whether two donations in particular actually arrived to the envelope).
Luscious was on the hunt for nationalistic fandom. I know someone wishing for a Brazil-Argentina final. Arturo (from Mexico) and Maria (from Argentina) preserved their relationship on the agreement that whoever could beat Germany should win.
Fascinating thing – talking about my (anticipated!) trip to Iran – was Arturo and Maria’s concern not about my going, rather about my ability to return. Will US Customs allow me back in? Do I need to fill out paperwork with them, traveling against the State Department’s advice? Lord help us all if such is the case.
Greg and I had an extended discussion about French pessimism and US optimism; with the caveat that there are stupid people everywhere. 🙂
The dream analysis was cool, although there’s no doubt someone had a secret agenda in offering an interpretation. Mine, I’m sure was no better, being, as Florencia noted, so incredibly qualifed to offer definitive opinions!
I missed Raz. Folks ask me about him at each event.
JC told me the blog looks “very professional.” I wonder if he’ll change his mind when he reads that I got to fondle a young hunk’s six-pack?!
There were other conversations, esp with folks I just met and/or only briefly said hello to before either I or they were spirited into another discursive direction. All-in-all, it was a blast, and was still going strong when I left just before 1 a.m. Did you beat last year’s record and make it to the dawn?

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