more hurdles

Yesterday I inquired about the cost and timing of mailing my entry application to Iran via Federal Express. Guess what? “Service temporarily suspended.” FedEx is not going to Iran these days. THEN I checked in with the on-campus travel agent, got a decent deal on the airfare to Turkey (as in less expensive than any other option, although I have a “forced overnight” in Madrid on the return), but from Istanbul to Shiraz? There are “no participating carriers.” Of course there are existing flights but apparently (?) not being sold to US students? I did get info from another travel agency, so I don’t think it’s impossible…although she also informs me that
“Please also note that in checking further about entering Iran, you will be required to have “several” copies of your passport picture and well as copies of your passport and will need to check in with the local police within 8 days of your arrival. You may want to verify this further, but this is information that I was able to find within my system.”
It is getting hard, eh? And after all the seduction from the universe to get me to leave the country this summer…geez!
Gotta get the passport photo changed in Boston.

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  1. Viera, you kicked my butt! You’re right – it isn’t the passport photo I have to change (whew!), but I do have to submit additional photos and there is conflicting info about them. A professional visa service says, “black, no print” and the Iranian interests division of the Pakistani Embassy says “moderate” is ok, some hair showing is fine, but no skin. The ones I took yesterday with the plain black scarf Nora gave me won’t work – you can see my neck. :-/

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