intuitive acupuncture

I wanted her to identify the most concentrated point of lifeforce, vitality, energy etc in my body. There’s “something important” going on between my liver and a point in the back of my head at the neck joint; and things are still “bound up” in my liver – “moving, but not done, yet.”
I have an issue (!) with the “male principle”, something about balancing the dominate (dominating?) traits that have helped me survive with more female traits. ­čÖé Here’s the unexpected part: an expansion of my heart that’s “actually quite lovely.” Gosh. Very specifically located, toward the back, lower left lobe, close to the spine. This was before she had me stand up and – after taking a good long look – said, “You’ve had a hard time.” Yeah, well, not as hard as many, but hard enough, thanks.
changing forget-me-not
this might be the one: water forget-me-not
I need to remember that they are very, very tiny
(proportional photo: field forget-me-not.)
Which are native to Vermont? The wood forget-me-not seems limited to Britain.
Of course I had no idea there are so many different kinds!
Is this one tufted because of the arrangement of flowers on the stalk?

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