In the nick of time

It’s not a done deal yet, but “Just-in-Time” might have located me a place to hang for the rest of June. And none too soon as Elizabeth’s hospitality is not to be taken casually! I’d gain 100 pounds if I stayed here for very long!
JIT also relayed a joke about (me?) becoming a spinster. Actually, the joke was about how spinsters are related to strong young men. Through their cats. Do you think this means he might yet agree to keep Mei-Mei for the summer while I’m gone? I am gonna be gone . . . I think. Timing is tight, but various bits keep falling into place…
The movie JIT selected for our viewing pleasure was intended to inspire my pending visit to Iran. The Suitors, however, does not live up to its billing as half-Hitchcock (sortof) and half-Lucille Ball (hardly). We tolerated it after realizing it was made in 1988. A few of the opening scenes with the sheep were mildly humorous. And JIT giggled quite a bit at the end when my early sympathy for the woman under siege turned out to have been premature. Oh well.
We did not dicuss critical realism this time (because we were living it). Nothing like your upstairs neighbors blasting rock-n-roll while doing aerobics at 4 am!

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  1. Yes, Elizabeth, but you know the recipe I REALLY WANT is for those yummy chard and cheese burritos from Eating Well!

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