catching up

(also the tentative title for the longest overdue incomplete paper in my own personal academic history)
From May 31, Iran wants to talk. And surprise of all surprises, Bush has agreed. We’ll see how long it lasts (?) since he considered talks a last resort. (Hello?) The question is whether it’s real diplomacy or simply public relations.
As the rhetoric continues to unfold, pending sanctions sought by the US from the UN Security Council have been frozen. Iran dismisses the condition of suspending uranium enrichment but it seems evident that a breakthrough of some sort has occurred.
Today, the Iranians reassert some of their bedrock principles, Iran Won’t Bow to Pressure, which the White House dismisses as a “negotiating position.” According to the timeline sketched in articles the past few days, the offer of incentives hasn’t even officially been made, and once it is presented the Iranian government will have some weeks to consider their response. Pundits here aren’t slowing down with their own assertions about the so-called “only …resolution worth talking about”.

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