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  1. Could you please direct me to the person holding the copyright to the picture… God Spilled the paint…. taken by Barbara Mathews. I would like to use it occassionally as a background in my church powerpoint hymns. I need some directions for contacting her; can you help?
    Please and thank you
    Pearl at jing_molly@hotmail.com

  2. Hi this is my picture. A few have falsely claimed my picture & won contest with it. I don’t get why people do this but picture went viral and was rapidily spread from Desert USA website when I posted picture.

    I don’t mind postings just request proper credit.

    Photo courtesy of Frank Kee http://www.keesphotos.com.

    More info below

    My writeup on this picture.

    God Spilled the Paint One of California Most Spectacular Desert Wildflower Blooms. Mar 2005 Tremblor Range adjacent to Carizzo Plains Nat. Monument.

    Featured Best Photo 2005 in http://www.DesertUSA.com and Wildly circulated by email and rumored about. It is also a popular topic for religious websites, forums, and blog posts. The image circulates with various titles, including, “God Spilled the Paint”, “The Day That God Spilled the Paint” and “God’s Paint Spill”. Just Google it I was amazed. The Copyright photo has been widely used legally with proper credit & illegally with improper credit worldwide in books, websites, photo gallery sites, publications, photo contest & in art work.

    see these links

    Contact Jim Bremmer http://www.desertusa.com/
    ​He will vouch for me.

    PS Just took a quick trip to Carizzo & Joshua Tree. Some good blooms but not a superbloom. I hear Death Valley above average. I thinking to go out again to scout wildflowers.

    -Happy wildflower hunting,
    Frank Kee​

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