I am in a melancholy mood, yet I am resolute.
Yes, that is better phrasing than yesterday’s version. :-/
Today was the last day of COM375 Section Five. I am sad. There was so much good energy generated among all these students. Yeah, I definitely annoyed them at times (they were definitely not happy I still care enough to penalize them for incorrect punctuation) but … those who were ready took the horse by the reins and rode this class for all it was worth. As my favorite spiritual advisor says,

there are only possibilities and opportunities…sometimes they come when we are
not ready or able to fulfill them

Students will make their choices over the remaining days and the wiki will take it’s “final” shape. Final, that is, until the freshmen take over in the fall! 🙂 I haven’t decided yet – should I give them their own separate wiki or have them build and add on to this one?

6 thoughts on “revision”

  1. hey professor, it was a good course. It gave me a chance to write in ways that I actually wanted to instead of trying to appease the usual academic airhead. In terms of the freshman, it’d probably be easier for both of you to start a new section in the wiki. Our forum, as primitive as it may seem, could come off as a bit daunting and complex.
    Thanks again.

  2. Harihar, I hope you won’t be a stranger now. I’m glad the course worked for you. I would not call your class’ wiki “primitive” by any means! I do agree, though, that it will take the freshies some time to learn to navigate it.
    I’m guessing it will help them, though, to have a full example from the beginning? You all went into it without a model. I had only a loose idea in my own head! That’s part of the fun I had, actually co-creating it WITH you all, BASED on what you wrote, building on what you were thinking about and willing to share.
    I hope future classes are as cool as all of you. 🙂

  3. When I said I hated this class at first, I wasn’t lying. Thanks to you I feel like I have the tools I need to become a successful writer! You challenged us all, and I’m sure some appreciate that more than others! =) Good luck with the freshmen next semester! I think that starting a new page might be best, but having our page as a reference to see how to use the wiki would work! Good luck! Thanks for teaching this class I’m glad that I learned so much!

  4. The wiki will forever be in my heart. Well maybe not, but it will certainly take a while for me to cease from visiting the site excessively. My favorite memory of the class was the day of Tent State when you convinced us to sit outside, which was soon followed by the random guy who wandered over and awkwardly asked to borrow a pair of glasses. Anywho, thank you for a great semester. I was dreading the class at first, but it definitely grew on me. You are a great teacher and I feel that my writing has improved a great deal. I wish you the best of luck with your new students. They might have a hard time topping us fo sho. =) Thanks again Steph.

  5. Kim, I’m glad of two things: a) you challenged the freshfolk 🙂 and b) you confessed that “forever in your heart” was an exaggeration. Otherwise I’d have had to revise my entire opinion of your character! The random glasses guy was definitely an odd moment, he must have scoped us out for awhile because I was watching you all be distracted for at least a minute before I asked what the heck was so interesting behind me…

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