Broughton is visiting and has given me a raft of grief about “overshooting” while driving. If I recall correctly there was the road this morning (two choices, I was trying to time breaks in the flow of oncoming traffic); a driveway into a shop (just drifted a little far ahead); and another turn (somewhere?) as the navigator couldn’t decide if I should or should not turn “here”.
We speculated on this as a possible personality flaw.
An English irregular verb (!), to overshoot means simply to go too far.
Guilty as charged. :-/
This puts me in dubious company with ecological overshoot (E.O. Wilson has calculated that humanity is currently operating at 120% of earth’s sustainable capacity), telecommunications overshoot (transitions that (somehow?) exceed a final value and convective overshoot (dealing with instability, which goes without saying).

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