Lawrence wins the prize

“After picking up her tickets Steph was outraged to find a dangling participle in one of the billboards near the stadium. As she was about to pull out her flamethrower and burn the sign down, someone told her that the sign was originally written in Korean and that sometimes people let grammar rules slide when Advertising Across Cultures. Steph wasn’t buying it and set fire to the billboard sending the burning wreckage plummeting down on the crowd of hippies below. Steph then torched a Disney banner saying that it was helping to contribute to the Commercialization of Childhood and then an Este Lauder billboard because it promotes the message of The Kept Woman as a Commodity. Feeling that she’d accomplished enough good deeds for the day, our hero entered the stadium. Steph sat in her seat with a fresh beer and listened as the stadium announcer called out rap singer Guerilla Black to do the national anthem. Steph, looking puzzled, turned to the person next to her and exclaimed “King Kong is Black? What?!” “Entschuldigung Bitte, um, excuse me,” the German dude replied, “Warum Schreien Wir?.”
Excerpted from the prologue to the Junior Writing in Communication students’ “big papers”.

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