karaoke blur

Someone got engaged last night. No, someone got married? No, someone was already engaged and is going to get married! I ate octopus. I ordered squid. How did that happen? I didn’t notice until I was 3/4’s done with the dish. It was delicious.
Ten people RSVPed for Hunju’s “bridal shower”. One didn’t show (until karaoke), one didn’t RSVP (such nerve!), and two additional people appeared for a total of … an even dozen celebrants. We followed no customs except our own, so Hunju did not receive any advice on her upcoming life as a married woman. Perhaps we should take up a collection to send her to school?

One thought on “karaoke blur”

  1. hhhh…that bride training school article was fun..I didn’t know still some women want to learn that kind of thing in Korea..hhh..
    Anyway, yesterday I had a great time and thank for comming again, you folks.

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