Iran’s own press

Another headline story from the NYTimes: Iran shuts down newspaper over cartoon. Note: the story isn’t headline news for the BBC. Interesting, the cartoon wasn’t poking fun at the administration but at an ethnic minority group, Azeri Turks. The Azeri are most densely situated in the northease of Iran, which borders Iraq.
Ethnic strife between Kurds living in the same region has been on the Internet since at least 2003. This report from Xalq Qazeti, Baku, in Azeri 16 Apr 03 p 9 describes rising tensions between Kurds and Azeri’s and speculates on a “softening” of the government’s stance toward the Azeri (and the US, ha!)
It is unclear (for me, based on these sources) what the government’s action in shutting down a popular reformist newspaper NOW is intended to accomplish. The Azeri’s have also protested media sources: Azeris circle wagons around opposition channel.
Aside: info on the Turkish language by the BBC. Meanwhile (!), The airport where I would most likely arrive for that conference in July is ablaze. :-/

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