2 thoughts on “Iran in the Crosshairs”

  1. geez whats the thinking here? a somewhat armed diplomacy..
    didnt that fail at different places?
    it is true that iran has crossed the line but i like to think american ingenuity is still in top form?

  2. It’s so hard to tell, Jake. It seems to me Bush is in the lame duck phase; he’s been losing credibility so quickly, even among his base. It’s his messianic bent that is so frightening. Hopefully, those who must go along with him for him to attack Iran simply won’t. I can’t quite fathom his justifications…sometimes I think I get close (keep the regime destablized so they have to spend more attention domestically than internationally?), and then I think, no, that doesn’t make sense from a capitalistic point-of-view (which needs SECURITY and STABILITY to MAXIMIZE PROFIT). The only thing that really makes sense is the drive for more power. That is terribly sad and fear-inducing.
    I am still making my plans to go. Much of the stuff that’s in the headlines now is not exactly “new” – it’s just being presented as part of the crisis. Day-to-day life for most Iranians is like ours: routine, mundane, peppered with moments of quiet reflection, passion, engagement, connection.

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