in the company of losers…

Well, that was just the last stage in my extended birthday celebration. 🙂 Little Brother, his ex (?), and his best friend/roommate, treated me at the infamous ABC from midnight to about 2 am. Besides the minus-a-decade mythology (making me 33, ha!), there was the gender-bending conversation in which the Ex-of-Indeterminate Relationship tried to make common cause with me on the basis of us both being women, and Little Brother reeled out a ream of reasons that lumped me in with him and the BF/RM. The Ex-of-IR surrendered quickly in the face of overwhelming evidence. (I’m not sure this was a good thing?!) The list was basically a litany of what people (young men?) with no real life do to pass the time… (ouch!)
Then there was the redemption of Napolean Brandy. Wow.

Previous to this was the Keith Wann show (check out this interpreted clip) at a fundraiser in honor of Yolande “YoYo” Henry. Six pals with no previous exposure to American Deaf Culture accompanied me and enjoyed the show. We barely arrived in time to acquire FM systems so they could follow the fantastic spoken English interpretation. At intermission, we had “birthday bread” made by my good friend, VPP (undisclosed, secret recipe), and I visited with a few folk (receiving one of the best hugs ever from Marion, who SCORED a hundred bucks with the second prize in the raffle! Dang that girl is lucky!)
We snagged quick appetizers at Thai Garden, then dealt with a minor vehicular vibration problem. Or, I should say, Afry dealt with it using a unique karate kick tire-changing technique that won praise from the crowd of onlookers.
A wonderfully successful evening, all the way around: good friends, superb food, laughter, drama, a few special gifts (despite the request for none, harumph!), who could ask for more? Well, the day OF my actual birthday plenty of folks remembered and I received a slew of hugs, handshakes, and well wishes. Awesome. 🙂 I also met some new folk and learned about bathymetry. There are more speciality kinds of science than I ever imagined!

2 thoughts on “in the company of losers…”

  1. doh i forgot to text you!! happy birthday! glad you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. After dinner we also had the chance to engage in collective action: change a flat tire from Sarbjeet’s car. I hope they made it to Boston not too late…

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