iced coffee

People who don’t do caffeine too often should watch out for McDonald’s summer brew. Actually, my favorite teller-promoted-upstairs at my wicked cool small-town bank was just as wired when I was in the bank last week. I don’t think Roxy had the coffee excuse then? At any rate, her repartee made my day, and I was happy to get a repeat. ­čÖé
In addition to the kvetching about having teenage children (wasn’t it easier when your worst worries were changing diapers and diagnosing tears instead of role shifting and lord-knows-what kinds of experimentation?), we shared some seriousness about how some people connect and know things on different levels or planes. People are in denial about reality, she argued. I was intrigued at the time, but who knew our talk was prelude to things I would read a few hours later? Not a surprise, though, if one accepts the possibility of communication on planes other than language. The irony is that we need language to make sense of these other forms of communication, or, perhaps I should say, we use language to try and make sense of – or dismiss – these other forms of communication.
At any rate, it was a fun and healing connection. Her humor is the packaging for the parts of life that matter most: “Your children are the product of your heart.”

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