hypercommercialism and hip hop

Rachel treated us to several music videos from Yahoo, but told us about Launch.com, where you can “free” downloads (but you have to watch an ad first!)
She basically demonstrated how lyrics and graphics are both censored, but artists still make profits through massive hypercommericialism rapping about liquor, shoes, Cheetos and any other product “only because I like them” and getting paid for product placement.
Here are links to the lyrics of the music videos we watched:
What You Know lyrics by TI.
Nelly‘s Air Force Ones lyrics
Big Tymer’s Still Fly
Interestingly, Eminem went to Sirius (with good ol’ Howard).

2 thoughts on “hypercommercialism and hip hop”

  1. haha, sorry Stepf for being so late on your request! I have neglected my inbox for a while now! BUT! As I wrote in the board.. I just wanted to let Kirk know that the dude in Nelly’s St. Lunatics with the half phantom mask is Slo’Down, and i guess he’s just the “hype man.” He is supposed to amp people up by jumping and dancing around; a mascot if you will. He actually doesn’t even rap.. he just dances around. It’s his character i guess, no reason to it. Maybe he doesn’t rap because secretly he’s an opera singer..and a HUGE fan of the Phantom.. yeah, i bet that’s it.
    See you all later, thanks for the fun class…:-) Oh, and Steph, good luck with your rap career, keep developin those mad skills. Perhaps you could replace Slo’Down in the St. Lunatics with Nelly. OH the possibilitiesssss..

  2. Thanks Chantel, great to see you here! But . . . I’m wondering, is there a contradiction in your logic or are you saying my best alternative career would be wearing a mask and jumping around?

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