HIS STORY!!!!!!!!

It’s both an end and an beginning for my friend, DR. David Geeslin.
His wife, Holly, reports that DG’s graduation, after “6 years of classes and dissertation work” make him “the first Deaf Hoosier to receive a doctoral degree from an Indiana school (Indiana University).” He joins five previous ISD graduates who went on to receive doctoral degrees (and establish distinguished careers):
Jerome Freeman (1947)
Richard Johnson (1950)
Barbara Kannapell (1956)
Jerry Zenor (1959)
Laurene Simms (1972)
David Geeslin (1983) In this photo, David performs the ASL sign “PAH!
In what can only be described as fairytale timing, David was also just recommended to the Governor of Indiana to become the next Superintendent of the Indiana School for the Deaf. (text below)
Congratulations! Sure wish I could be there for today’s party. I can imagine it will be a bash to remember. ­čÖé

“Today [May 4, 2006], the ISD School Board met in executive session to resume deliberations on the Superintendent Search. The Board reviewed and discussed the qualifications of the two candidates, David Geeslin and Gary Mowl. The discussions were very extensive and comprehensive, making very difficult the Board’s eventual decision. The Board was very appreciative of all the input and feedback from the ISD community on the Superintendent Search process.
When the Board was done discussing all aspects of the process, they met again for the public School Board meeting in the Main Library. The Board Chair, Scott Jensen, made comments on the Search process, the interest and involvement of the ISD community in the process and that it was not a very easy decision, but one that was made in the best interests of ISD.
The School Board then voted to recommend to the Governor of Indiana for his approval that David Geeslin be appointed as the CEO/Superintendent of ISD, effective July 1, 2006. The Board citied as several of reasons for the recommendation, David’s vision for the future of ISD and his willingness to make change which reflects the Board’s belief that ISD is ready to move up to the next level in Deaf Education.
The Board wants to remind that its decision is only a recommendation and that the Governor has the final approval. It is hoped that the Governor’s decision will be made shortly. Upon approval, an official announcement will follow.”
Narrated by Gregg Gantt, ISD School Board
Meanwhile, protests continue at Gallaudet University over the controversial hiring of Dr. Jane Fernandes as the next President.

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  1. Steph – Here’s an update.
    David attended the IU graduation commencement this morning. 20 family and friends attended to watch his major professor, Dr. Khaula Murtadha, “hood” him (placed on his doctoral hood) in the official ceremony.
    David’s graduation has been long time coming, but the being recommended for the ISD CEO/Superintendent position happened just two days before! This weekend is a double celebration. Fun Fun! Steph – we know you are here in spirit and we thank you for your support from afar.
    In a few days, I’ll have tons of photos… let me know if you want to see a few!

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