know how to enjoy themselves. 🙂 Whether it’s wondering if Justin was drinking Ginger Ale, Hosannah can tolerate some western philosophy, Scotty is bootlegging Coors Lite, Chris is telling someone to “take a chill pill,” Michele is showing her tendons, Mario is proclaiming (through a ventriloquist), “I’m not a geologist, I’m a jelly donut,” Ryan is describing the complexity of his wife’s work, or everyone is wondering how many giggles Evan acquired, these folk have spent some time together and come to enjoy each other’s company quite a bit.
I learned about normal faults, reverse faults, thrust faults, and my fault.
Anyway, there’s nothing like working on a nuggetized project with uber-qualified folks having a good time!

2 thoughts on “geologists”

  1. yikes! Not wife, girlfriend!
    Quite a fun evening was had at the bar that night, and I didn’t even feel thoroughly exhausted the next day! Good thing, since I had to drive 5 hours and change a tire in under 20 minutes with Justin.

  2. oops! Sorry Ryan, it was all those other guys with wedding plans, had me marrying you off prematurely. 🙂 I’m just glad the tire didn’t blow and cause an accident. Besides, you thrive on adrenalin, don’tcha?

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