Once upon a time there were bowlers.
Actually, bowling has persisted and I’ve even been there; just behind the times with the blogreports. And this after folks started inquiring and/or commenting about these posts in particular! (I guess I’m still not very audience-friendly.) :-/
Why what? Why bowl, when the most one can say about an evening’s effort is, “that was an odd ball”?
Two weeks ago (!), Luscious bowled with a calf injury. No, not a baby cow, he twisted something in his lower leg playing basketball. His injury did not lead to the worst bowling of the evening, however. That honor fell to Dan, who was bolluxed, boogered, and otherwise convinced he should have stayed home to watch DVDs. “It is nice,” he conceded, “to see Luscious suck.” As it turned out, “only Steph” had a decent night, although Lava pulled off a right- and left-handed combo score of 161. (He does pay me to write nice things about him.)
Maja was prepping for her defense the next day (which she passed with roaring colors), Mafu and Angie dropped by for a quick hello, and the Hungarian (as he was introduced!?!) on the team rolled a couple of muffie games. There is one enigmatic scribble I can no longer decode:
What is my “x”?
I await the answer with suspence.

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