“we were right to come”

and the rest of you are LOSERS! Who says the Black Eyed Peas are better than bowling? The Blog Victim won three of four games, but if I won the last game by 64 pins….setting a new personal best (!) of 158…who’s the better bowler? BV approached his personal best. Alas. He fell short by one. 1. That’s o-n-e pin. Even then, his margin of victory was only 71 pins. Oh. So much for Blog Gossip. :-/
After he won that game, he speculated about his character, pondering (out loud!) whether he was the kind of person to celebrate a victory by continuing to crush his opponents or . . . (he left the rest unsaid. Hmmmm.) Let me just note the margin of loss progressed from six pins, to eleven (“I just have to knock ’em out, at least a spare”) to the aforementioned seventy-one. And this, after saying “the house of the straight-shooters” held no enmity, blaming all of that on those who aspire to spin. Having been so soundly pulverized in the third game, you must imagine that I was pleased by the spread after my turkey (another first!) in the last game when the score showed me with 122 (7th frame) and BV with 37 (5th, b’cuz he had a strike in the 6th and hadn’t yet bowled his 7th). NO DOUBT that was the largest spread of the match and yes, thank you, I’ll just take my bows. :-0

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