a heart-shaped leaf” – this must be the image of the 19 folks who converged on the bowling lanes tonight in honor of Luscious’ 72nd birthday and JC’s successful dissertation defense. Or, perhaps it was merely a reference to the (gendered) fashion observation that “all the women are wearing green, almost,” “except,” adds a graffiti-ghost, “those who are wearing red. and blue. if not yellow.”
Bowling was merely filler for the real show tonight. CAKE! There was a profusion of cards and well-wishing, such that a portrait of (the back of) JC’s head) as he sets off on his new life wound up in Luscious b’day card, and a birthday memory for Luscious wound up in the blog notes. The negotiations for a trade-off to mask the first error resulted in an “economic metaphor showing the capitalist ideology of the contemporary global village”: “What are you gonna do in return?”
Competition spun down the lanes and among onlookers. Strikes by the following were witnessed: Siri, JC, Greg, Rajiv, Linus, Darpan, Zeynep, and Alenka. LB too but barely – according to the “if its not blogged; it didn’t happen” rule, a group cheer indicating a possible strike doesn’t verify the strike; however an actual eyewitness strike did (eventually) occur. Four doubles were thrown tonight, by Luscious (as usual), Cata (in the 10th frame!), dadofzeynep (officially, Nejat), and yours truly. ­čÖé Zeynep, having waited 15 years to beat her dad at bowling, soundly pounded him 132 to 100 in the second game. No one set any records tonight, although I came close, falling short by four measly pins. I had a 93 in the fifth frame bowling right-handed; compare that with the 95 total I had in the game I bowled as a lefty. (Then it started to go downhill. Not as severely as Linus though, who cooked our breakfast in the first game and fizzled like a fire in the rain during the second.)
Meanwhile, JC continued the streak of his good day, pummelling his opponents by 30 pins. Alenka, Maja, and Jake all tied at 106, doing some threesome kind of thing? Then there was a flask going ’round one of the other lanes, and a backpack sounding suspiciously full of empty bottles….a rowdy encounter between Anuj and Rajiv which paled in comparison to the lunge and knock-down between Lava and Linus later. What was up with the testosterone tonight?
Don’s creativity of JC (a bald head morphing into a bandanna-covered hairy head) inspired additional artwork, including this pregnant duck. (“Duckness” is obvious; you might have to stretch to glean the pregnant part.) It’s unclear if this sketch is an actual portrait or an amalgam of the clutch of us nondescript types. Did I mention Darpan got confused about the sport of the evening? It may all have been some kind of discharge for the real, poignant details of JC’s defense, in which some of the beneficiaries of his community work on fair housing expressed their gratitude for his work above and beyond the call of academic scholarship.
Kinda gives ya a nice warm, heart-shaped leafy-feeling, doesn’t it?

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