“Needs Improvement” (me and that phd)

Who’s studying? I mean, come on. Only one incomplete to go and some paperwork to file: mere commitment to a date.
I listened to these on tape driving back and forth to Manchester. the crazed by Ha Jin was odd and I finished it long enough ago that the brilliant thoughts I had about it’s possible metaphoricity between a literature professor gone (seemingly) mad and the student protests at Tiananmen Square which result in a graduate student’s descent (?) to militancy are no longer accessible to me in any kind of detail. What struck me as odd, I think, was the amount of detail provided by the graduate student, Jian, as he tries to fill in the gaps of his professor’s hallucinatoric ravings. The narrator’s tone struck me discordantly as well, almost comforting? Whether or not it was deliberate, the calm and somewhat puzzled auditory expression complemented the bizarre unfolding of events.
Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer, was chilling in a different way. If every moment of our lives could somehow be framed in the life and death terms imposed by extreme sports, would society be substantially different? I respect the raw and scathing honesty with which Krakauer lays bare his unwitting complicity in an effort to come to terms with an unfolding of events that smacks of fate.

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