braggin’ rights

I haven’t bragged on my students for awhile now, but it isn’t because I haven’t been proud.
In the UNH-Manchester intro course on Mass Media we had a grand round of Jeopardy to finish off a sophisticated (technologically and intellectually) presentation on The Torino Olympics. This following two other impressive performances by a team comparing Mary Tyler Moore with Desperate Housewives in Female Image: Past and Present and another team investigating copycat violence, Monkey See, Monkey Do?
We had an awesome paper (which I hope to be able to post, ahem!) and discussion regarding the movie, Crash: does it anaesthetize white/caucasian viewers? Even if not, does it still generate more narcotizing dysfunction than movement toward social justice?
Another terrific discussion was inspired by the team that presented a media analysis of three different tv stations’ coverage of Jill Carroll’s release. (I’m hoping this info is going to be transferred into the class wiki for all to be able to revisit…hint hint!)
Kirk, our resident alternative (?) news guru, responded to a question about where folks can get news that provides more than “just the facts” by softly chanting, “BBC, BBC.” 🙂 (Which I listened to on the drive home, and want to buy this recently released “sounds of rarest wildlife” CD.) Kirk’s official turn is coming up in a couple of weeks.
There were many moments of levity tonight, including the slip in the Jill Carroll presentation about “How To Get a Hostage Killed”. Of course, I heard the slip as eerily reminiscent of a veiled threat on my own life…

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