A History of Violence

My peers are more critical than me. I thought it was pretty good, but they lamented it’s predictability and (hello?) the amount of violence.
I was intrigued by the relationship between a man who has reinvented himself and a woman who has to reconcile her attraction to this man with a past she abhors.
Otherwise, it was predictable. There were also several loose ends not pursued and/or left untied. “Half-assed,” was the assessment of the clerk at Captain Video. Then they (my friends?!!) tried to blame me :-0 only because Munich was out, there would have been too much thinking involved with Good Night, And Good Luck, and Jarhead didn’t grab their interest. Maybe they regret passing up the opportunity to watch Jesus Christ Superstar?

2 thoughts on “A History of Violence”

  1. Whats up?? It is very sunny and beautiful day here. There is a Magnolia tree outside of the window of the room of where I work and it is in full bloom. It is making me happy:)
    How have you been? How far are you from getting a phone? Pardon my out of contextness.

  2. No pardons for you! The phone drama continues. Now I have folks offering to loan me their cell phones for a day so I can be available to talk with Sprint to deal with the closing/re-opening of my account so I can get this fancy phone at a bargain price. I think there’s some karmic conspiracy to keep me off the ringer.
    Anyway, glad you’re happy. ­čÖé We have blooms and buds coming up too here in western Mass. A few folks nearly croaked when we had snow last week but what do they expect? It is still early April in the Northeast!

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