2 thoughts on “too good to pass up!”

  1. i love it, but it would be funnier (and truer) if we added about 20 more people sitting – 19 of them also thinking ‘this idiot can’t explain anything.’

  2. Perhaps. Or, your jab could be an illustration of … refusal (?) … unwillingness (?) to hear past the noise?
    I know the noise is frustrating (not only to you & others, me too, often). And, we all make a bit of our own, don’t you think? Do I generate more than others? Possibly. Does that invalidate everything I have to offer? Nah. I just work my ideas out with others, instead of on my own in advance. Each question and poke led me to ask myself if there was more (surely there must be, if what I’d said was insufficient). It turned out there was; hopefully it’s now all out – at least as far as this initial stage.
    Meanwhile, don’t be such a sourpuss! Not that I’m much of a model in that department, either. ­čśë

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