Not to be left out….

What the heck is CHEA? Which got added to the chalkboard today. Or chea chea, as it has appeared in the writing class’s wiki?
The wiki is not quite ready for a full public unveiling, but perhaps by the end of next week…?
Meanwhile, some students clearly have not laughed enough, or hard enough, having apparently never snorted a drink out of their nose. I wonder if any of them have the rarer talent of blowing a beverage out of their eye? [No demonstrations, thanks.]

One thought on “Not to be left out….”

  1. Haha, hey Professor.
    Chea is a variation of the word “Yea” basically said with a “ch” instead of a “y”. It’s pronounced more like “chyea” and is a phrase embedded within the hip hop culture, created by the rap group known as the Diplomats and used initially by New Yorkers.
    There you go.

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