two ball bowling

It was an eventful evening, perhaps capped off by the new ricocheting-ball technique invented by the newbie who “got the link [last week] but didn’t even check”. Alex helped the cause tremendously when she confirmed, “It was kindof rude.” [Gasp! The nerve!]
Responses to the blog continue to range from none (with its vast range of possible meanings) through varying degrees of puzzlement to statements of … well, appreciation is an overstatement, mild enjoyment perhaps. As I’ve heard, sometimes anyone can read and understand, sometimes the entries are sensible only to those who were at the event, and, as Anuj says: “Sometimes no one knows what’s going on!” Rumor has it (btw) that his spin “turned the corner” this week. Such was noted – independently – both by LB and Lava, who said “watch his spoons.” I don’t really know what that meant, but I watched anyway. He was tied with Lava at 43 in the 4th frame of their first game….
Broughton equated coming out to bowling on the night before her thesis defense with eating raw sea urchin. “That’s adventurous enough for me!” She’s a “Monkey” according to the Chinese calendar: “clever and skillful to the point of genius, practical and given to detail…” Perfect for the defense!
Just in Time showed up NOT on time, but promises he’ll be back and actually bowl next time. uh hmmm. ­čśë Max showed up in his cowboy boots drinking beer. Meanwhile Sabina was here for two days worth of work for some study abroad program (for some reason she was shy to give me a link to it…?)

I scored my highest ever – 161! I decided to bowl right-handed from the get-go tonight. LB discounted it, even though he arrived while the score was still up – he “didn’t see each frame with [his] own eyes.” It’s true, actually, that I accidentally bowled in Broughton’s 10th frame, and so she bowled for me – getting a strike which I followed with a spare. Wouldn’t you know, some minutes later, LB nudged me to look at his score from his first game. He scored 161 too!
Meanwhile, Alenka got directly out of the single digits and even averaged (nearly) ten pins/frame. Not bad! Not bad! John Raymond had the high score last night, with 178. Alex was pleased we didn’t have to compete for the correct bowling ball since we were in the same lane, and she was thrilled to have the chance to nudge me about it being my turn. “My turn? Again?” Anuj: “You never finished the second frame!” oops
He also had the nerve to ask me if I’m feeling ok. He was being solicitous – or so I thought. When I confirmed that I actually was “feeling ok”, he said, “Then why aren’t you bowling better?!?” Uncle Sam would have loved that. ­čÖé He’d also have liked talking with Jake about “the real world.”
Finally, two odd bits: “history in the making” (coined among our very own hovering over my notes, and claimed as a competitor for original coinage) and, “It’s all about the style, Steph.” I’m not sure, but there was a bit of nuance in the tone…rather like, “haven’t you gotten it yet?” I still think Cata wins the style contest but notice how I hedged the statement since someone threatened to “sue the blog” if the content wasn’t suitably flattering…

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