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Watched two movies this evening, Bulworth, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
I enjoyed Bulworth’s assault on the current state of political-economic affairs, but mostly I empathized with the fact of making personal mistakes on the grandest public scale possible. I wish I could learn well in a more discrete fashion but it just doesn’t seem to be my modus operandi.
I’ll confess, “Diary” just made me sad with it’s them of love gone wrong. It’s hardly a comedy, as my fellow movie-viewers critiqued, it is falsely advertised as such. It’s more a proselytizing film for Christianity – and not necessarily in its most radical/humanizing form. Nonetheless, once we’ve made people “pay” for their sins against us (real or imagined?), we do have the option to forgive and move on. Best would be to forgive before any degree of retribution but such requires true sainthood, yes?

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