This is the most appropriate Romanian way to say “Good job!” (It is left to the imagination what a literal translation might mean…) It was some kind of bowling night. Anuj opened with a strike – although this might surprise you if you came in on the 8th frame of game two when he was crowing about his score: “22! Twenty-two!” Luscious Larry got another turkey and even rolled a strike with his left-hand! I think he does deserve honorifics for it, since he’s a serious righty. Let me note, however, that I pulled off four (cont ’em, 1, 2, 3, 4!) left-handed strikes tonight. Unfortunately, they didn’t help my overall scores too much: at one point I was told, “You’re a disgrace to The Final Countdown.” This was before LB managed NOT to beat me in the last frame of the last game, even though I’d told him it was his game to lose. We ended up tied, 109-109.
Zeynep started collecting high fives before her turn, leading to apparent improvement, Cesar and Cata played with characteristic understated style, and Claudia pulled off a couple of strikes in her very first games! Luscious Larry thinks, superstitiously, that he bowls best when there’s a new woman joining us who has never bowled before. He also said, “Green is out; blue is in.” This does not account for the pink ball he was using near the end of the evening.
Burcu also managed a very strong showing, considering she’s still recovering from the sledding mishap that is apparently all Don’s fault. Or the fault of Don’s shoes. Or some other agentless whimsy of the universe.
Luckily Elena was there to make sure I knew when it was my turn. I’m not usually (?) so distractable. Or perhaps I am and last night it registered? 🙂 Somehow I found conversation more engaging than actually bowling…the topic? Organic chemistry.

Ok, maybe you’re not so thrilled about it, but I was fascinated. Did you know they’re working on making plastic magnets? Seriously! If they can just get enough molecules stripped down to one electron – a free radical – and get them all spinning in the same direction and somehow combined, these can produce enough force to function as a magnet, attracting substances with it’s solo electron spinning in the opposite direction. Such would lead to innovations in all kinds of fields where iron is now used, because plastics are lighter and take up less volume than iron.
Now, you know me and my penchant for social metonymy. I was just imagining all of a person’s free radicals spinning harmoniously in the same direction (the state of being at peace with oneself?) and attracting someone else who’s free radicals are also spinning harmoniously in the opposite direction. At least more, rather then less, of time spent together. Wouldn’t this provide a different basis of attraction than pheromones? (Some are used in pest control.) Perhaps there is a correlation between electron spin and the production of pheromones?
Now, who in their right mind would think a turn at bowling is more important than such romantic speculation?!!

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