One thought on “UMass has a Wiki!”

  1. You’re most welcome to make course-specific pages on UMassWiki, preferably under the course title (such as CMPSCI 591U). I tried this with that exact course last semester but it didn’t catch on.
    Right now there isn’t a lot of course-related info on UMassWiki since it’s only been up since late August, but if you or somebody makes a page for your academic department/program you can hang the course page off that, and categorize it, and blah blah blah all basically making it easier to find. And of course if you named it something like CMPSCI 591U you can just type that directly into the search box to go right to the page.
    I recommend sticking with MediaWiki in general as not only is it feature rich with some quite advanced (and aesthetically pleasing) markup capabilities, but it’s also nearing a de facto standard as far as wikis go.
    And as I mentioned in my reply to you on Livejournal, by all means, be bold in editing and adding content to UMassWiki! The only thing you might want to keep in mind is that a wiki makes a terrible message board, so if you need one of those it’s best to have one and not try to force a wikitalk page into such a role.
    Good luck!

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