on waiting…

I’ve received a certain piece of advice regarding a certain situation consistently for the past several months (well, the last year plus, and if one wants to get really picky, the last eight years). “Wait.”
In my faster-than-light personal growth process (don’t I wish: *sigh*), I’ve been tuning in to the moments and events that spark a desire to hurry. I had a crucial half-hour with Jesus Evil Kachina (a quasi!?! code name, in case you haven’t guessed, Spanish pronounciation) in which it was ALL I could do not to explode with impatience. There was no reason for me to be in such a rush; but I felt it so deeply it hurt. Sitting that out calmly was a biggie.
I can recall way too many instances where I wanted to already be somewhere, or already engaged in doing something….that, or I was trapped by something in the past I couldn’t quite let go. Either way, I’ve often not been “in” the present as much as I thought at the time.

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