life following art?

I’ve been reading Orhan Pamuk’s novel, Snow. Imagine the jolt of recognition when I saw the story about his arrest and subsequent trial, reported in todays NYTimes, A Way Forward for Turkey. His novel grapples with the precise forces and laws that have now impinged – most forcefully – upon his life.
The editorial in the Times uses this freedom of speech case to leap to larger context, as a means of framing the politics regarding Turkey’s ascension to the European Union. Interestingly, one of the issues regards Cyprus – I saw a presentation on this last December by one of this year’s European Field Studies participants. She was focused specifically on the border between Greek and Turkish Cypriot and the interactions and flow of people back and forth across it. I’m sure there must be some analogies to be made between the on-the-ground realities there and the abstracted political maneuverings of various groups for national power.

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