Lee’s turn

Lee is up visiting Sam this weekend, she arrived Friday evening and will leave sometime later today. See her comment (in which – among other things – she corrects my confusing roses for carnations – Lou, now you have proof of my gardening “skill” grin). During my hour visit yesterday, she showed a bunch of slides from way way back in Sam’s life. They were wonderful! We selected a few for me to upload here for you all to enjoy. I’ll get to that this upcoming week.
Meanwhile, just before I arrived Jim Levinson was there and sang an Indian song for Sam. Jim was part of an Experiment trip to India many, many years ago – in fact Lou & Tom met Jim there, in India, not where they all live in Vermont! Small world ’tis. Jim gave Sam an “eternal good luck charm” that has a picture of Gandhi on one side and this inscription on the other:

“My life is my message.”

Sam exemplifies this more than anyone else I know. 🙂

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