Ila’s recent reading list

Kafka romanticized failure, and sadness,
so did Albert Camus: who “viewed a failure to act as a choice to surrender”.
as well as Herman Hesse (actually a bit more positive about things; perhaps a good place to begin?), and Nietsczhe and Milan Kundera, one of whose novels was made into a movie: The Unbearable Lightness of Being….

Ila’s Heartthrob On Romance: “The day the thought of me doesn’t bring a smile to your face we’ll split.”
Ila On Blogging: “What are you doing?”
Ila In The Morning: “I can’t believe you said, ‘Rise and shine!’
Ila on Classes: “What the heck! I won’t go!”
Ila as Ila: “Tell them that I boss you around!

10 thoughts on “Ila’s recent reading list”

  1. tell them you get bossed around…
    hey, you are not even out of Columbus yet!! have fun on your way back and keep writing:)

  2. Ok, so when people have a “what the heck, I wont go to class” approach to life, professors walk into labs and ask them “are you going to be in Sanskrit or not, you weren’t there today!!!” Not that that is a problem or anything, just in case some one is planning on making me a guru-they should be ready for this:)

  3. Dear Guru, I’m glad you’re getting good training. ARE you going to be in Sanskrit? I was kinda wondering myself… 😉

  4. ya. I am going to be in Sanskrit. and now that you are officially my disciple, how about some fee??:)

  5. 1) it was not chota, it was chola. Call it chick peas. You americans!! cant say a thing right!!:)
    2)i was hoping for some plain old bucks, man!!

  6. Hey, you dont have to post this.
    Scott is a really great guy. I like him. He respects me very much and that is wonderful. How have you been??

  7. oh, does that mean I’m not supposed to?!? I worked wicked hard today 12.5 hours all told. Then blogging. Yesterday vegged (mood CRASHED); today better. Saw a FUN movie last night: The Producers. It made me laugh out loud. That (and the company – a good friend) helped. And working out. More of that tomorrow. Now, sleep.

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