g-tube success!

Sam’s currently in recovery from the anasthesia (they had to put him all the way under), but they were able to insert the g-tube and all seems well.

3 thoughts on “g-tube success!”

  1. Hi, Yup, the news for today is good. The surgeon wants to keep him overnight for good measure, which personally I think is great.
    Many thanks to Christine for being our eyes and ears on the spot. Thanks to you as well Steph for posting the updates. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed w/ dealing w/ lots of Sam’s medical communications. So, sorry I haven’t been contributing. But “Grazie Dio,” Thanks be to God, this procedure worked. W/ hydration and nutrition, we have a chance of being able to understand Sammy and his wants and needs for a while longer. Remember, he still loves jokes. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and prayers for Sam. Mom & Ann say thanks as well. Good for you Sam!!! Love, Jennifer

  2. I’ll see Sam Tuesday – word is he’s still pretty out of it, recovering from the anaesthesia and the “hit” that invasive surgery always generates in a body. His speech is not intelligible – hopefully this is short-term although we are aware that one day it will be gone for good. Thanks for the support though – selfishly we want him around for as long as possible!

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