I wonder if there’ll be any similarites I’ll recognize if I attend Arisia with the SF conventions I used to attend as a wee teenager?
Heather Dale sounds good!
It’ll cost me $40 even though I’m a student cuz I’m over 25. C’est la vie!
Some of the movies look fun:
It Came From Outer Space in 3D 4 pm Friday or 9:30 pm Saturday
Aelita, Queen of Mars with live piano accompaniment 9 pm Friday
Spectres of The Spectrum 11:30 am Saturday
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 5 pm Saturday (this one’s easily rentable, eh?)
Howl’s Moving Castle anime 7 pm Saturday. Also rentable?
The Written Word looks intriguing but I’ll have to be en route to work while it’s being shown. 🙁 “This is a 1965 UNESCO documentary heralding a bright future for Nigeria led by its library system, a future that never happened. Written by poet and academician Andre Maurois, also author of some SF, this film is sad in that it shows a future that turned to dust only a few years later. In 16mm B&W, 21 min.”
There’s actually loads of anime.

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